About Us

Jinan Dosing Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd was founded in 2010 as a machinery service company, selling and installing CNC machinery including several brands of CNC routers.

Now Dosing Machinery design and manufacture CNC routers and laser machine for many industries, enabling our customers to efficiently produce a wide range of products.

 Our primary products include, Woodworking & Plastic CNC routers, Woodworking Machining Centers, CNC Engravers,3D laser scanners, Mould Making CNC machines and 5 axis Machining Centers,Laser cutting,laser engraving,high power laser metal cutting, plasma metal cutting machine etc.

With Dosing Machinery on your side, world class machining capability truly has been beginning. You also gain direct access to people, technology and ideas you need to capture opportunities and position your business for the future. Single-sourcing simplicity means the responsibility for answer and support rests entirely with us, period.